ATSO of Antalya, "Health Tourism" impression ...

ATSO of Antalya, "Health Tourism" in the United States introduced the potential .. Here are impressions of the congress held in Chicago ...

November 3, 2011 Thursday - Congress of the two major health tourism .. Both are held in October 4th time .. 4th International Health Tourism Congress in Istanbul on October 29 to 31 is being edited in the United States on October 25-28 in Chicago 4 World Health Tourism Congress was held.

Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the development of health tourism, rolled up its sleeves ..

Bowers, Osman Çetin ATSO Chairman, Vice Chairman Dr.. Spears, Adnan body, the General Secretary and Antalya, the EU Information Centre Co-ordinator Sign Vildan Demern Topkaya October 25 to 28, held in Chicago between the United States of America 4 I attended the World Health Tourism Congress.

President of the Congress in evaluating the ATSO Bowers, which was organized by the Association of Health Tourism in central America and the world's largest organization within the scope of accepted among health tourism congresses of Antalya in order to promote health tourism potential of the stand as a Room opened, he said.

Turkey's "Platinum Sponsor''in Congress that the country's participation in the Council of Foreign Economic Relations and Tourism Development Council of Health of Turkey that had been organized by the Bowers, Bursa, Izmir, Istanbul, with its stand at various institutions and organizations participated in the organization provinces of Antalya and the Mediterranean University of ATSO t said to represent.

Outside of Turkey, Argentina, Thailand, Germany, Greece and Italy, countries where stantlarıyla congress, health tourism professionals from around the world in more than 140 touring stand that Bowman had the opportunity to receive information, convention information booklets and promotional materials distributed in custom built as a stand ATSO, Congress stated that one of the most visited stands.

Of the Congress in Antalya Turkey as a tourism destination, the introduction of a new organization of health professionals in the field of health tourism together gelindiğini bilateral meetings that the Board of Directors Vice President Dr. ATSO. Spears, Adnan body of the "bilateral meetings with professionals who bring tourists from abroad met in Antalya or health. In addition, qualified names in Russian and Arab markets come together, to cooperate with them in the direction of opening up these markets have taken steps,''he said.

Dr. Care participants, detailed information was given about the potential of Antalya's tourism and health, information was received about the latest trends in the world health tourism, health tourism in Turkey is also described within the scope of congressional hearings organized stressed.

In addition to the Congress, ATSO Conqueror Stars of delegation under the auspices of the Turkish Consul General in Chicago-and Turkish-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry by the American Medical Association, attended a dinner given in honor of the participants explained that the Turks. Ozen said;

"Antalya is the most important sector of tourism and diversified economy, Chamber aims to spread to 12 months, since last year is working for the development of health tourism. Antalya's existing experience in the field of tourism, health tourism, health care infrastructure, combining activities ATSO set a goal of increasing, by participating in this important international organization in the field of health tourism in Antalya t was introduced. Health tourism in the period ahead will bring together stakeholders to contribute to ATSO, transferring information from a health tourism destination of Antalya will continue to lead to become. ''



ATSO of Antalya, "Health Tourism" in the United States introduced the...